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Hatfield Peverel Neighbourhood Plan

The Hatfield Peverel Neighbourhood Plan was made in 2019 and the Parish Council agreed to review and update the Plan in 2021 to update and strengthen existing policies, to produce new policies, and to reflect new evidence base studies. We have worked with Hatfield Peverel Parish Council since 2021 in the review and update of the Neighbourhood Plan, and the production of supporting evidence base documents. 


Workshop Delivery

We facilitated workshops to inform the scope and content of the Neighbourhood Plan review, and the production of a Settlement Boundary Review and a Coalescence Safeguarding Zone Assessment.

Existing Policy Review

We reviewed and updated existing Neighbourhood Development Plan Policies.

Producing New Policies

We produced new draft policies for the updated Plan, including air pollution, housing mix and type, settlement boundary, coalescence protection zone, heritage and design.


The updated Hatfield Peverel Neighbourhood Plan was published for consultation in Spring 2023. DAC Planning is assisting the Council in reviewing the Regulation 14 consultation responses and updating the neighbourhood plan.

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