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Our Services

We provide strategic advice and targeted support to local authorities, communities and public sector bodies nationally. We combine our experience in local government with our expertise in consultancy to support the production of Development Plans, as well as Development Management, ensuring that developments are sustainable, deliverable and centred around the needs of the communities they serve.


Our motivated team of experienced planners understands the pressures and complexities of planning.  We have extensive experience in:

  • Local Plan production

  • Neighbourhood Plan production

  • Independent Examination

  • Planning appeals

  • Project management and programme development

  • Infrastructure planning and developer contributions

  • Garden Communities and plans for large scale growth

  • Training development and delivery

  • Capacity building

  • Research and evidence base gathering

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How We Can Help



Support for Local Authorities

We can help you to bring forward plans quickly and efficiently. Our expertise spans Local Plan production and examination, infrastructure planning, production of CIL Charging Schedules, neighbourhood planning and project management. 


Support for Local Communities

We offer the expert advice that your community needs to successfully progress a neighbourhood plan. We can also help you respond to planning applications and can provide advice or represent you when defending your position at planning appeals. 


Training Courses in Planning

We provide a diverse range of planning courses designed for planning officers, elected members, and also individuals from non-planning backgrounds seeking to enhance their knowledge of the planning system and its processes. 

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