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Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan

We worked with the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to provide support on the production and submission of the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan from 2019 to 2021.


Production of Consultation Statement

We collated and summarised the engagement activities of Kelvedon Parish Council, and reviewed feedback  from community events and consultation  responses from Regulation 14 Consultation to inform the Consultation Statement.

Production of Basic Conditions Statement

To produce the Basic Conditions Statement (BCS), we assessed the objectives and policies of the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan against the Basic Conditions. The BCS and Consultation Statement were submitted with the Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan for Regulation 16.


The Kelvedon Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to Braintree District Council in February 2021.  The Neighbourhood Plan referendum was held on 3rd March 2022, with 94% voting in favour of the Plan.

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