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Effective Stakeholder and Community Engagement

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We have an excellent understanding of the importance of community and stakeholder engagement, and the most effective ways of engaging a range of groups and organisations. We understand how successful community and stakeholder engagement can improve the quality of a Local Plan and ensure communities and stakeholders feel ownership of emerging Plans and planning related decisions.

Tailored Support for Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Our experience in undertaking community and stakeholder engagement has included working with a range of local authorities, interested groups and organisations.

If you would like to ensure effective community and stakeholder engagement, DAC Planning can provide the following support:

  • Guidance from Experts: Our chartered planners offer expert advice on effective communication with local authorities and approaching consultation representations.

  • Project management: We carefully review proposed engagement approaches and requirements, and develop an achievable and effective consultation plan.

  • Engagement and consultation strategies: We work closely with you to produce comprehensive and effective engagement strategies.

  • Workshop facilitation: We deliver engaging and informative workshops with members, planning officers, stakeholders and members of the public on your topic of choice.

  • Active Representation and Engagement: We represent residents, community groups, organisations and stakeholders at public consultation events, Council meetings, stakeholder workshops, and developer forums.

  • Synthesising Views: Our offer includes summarising the viewpoints expressed in consultation representations to inform consultation statements and planning policy.


DAC Planning supports the aspirations of residents, community groups, organisations, and stakeholders and ensure your views are heard through community and stakeholder engagement.

Contact us at or call 01206 259281 to find out how we can help.

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