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Supporting Local Planning Authorities

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Local authorities are tasked with producing Local Plans and evidence base documents that pave the way for sustainable and prosperous communities. However, this task is often accompanied by resource constraints, political differences, competing priorities, and pressing timelines. At DAC Planning, we recognise these complexities and offer expert advice and support to planning policy teams.

Our Support Offer

Our support for local authorities for plan-making includes:

  • Expert Consultation and Problem-Solving: Our chartered planners provide expert advice, helping authorities navigate intricate challenges and offering innovative solutions.

  • Informed Decision-Making Through Research: We undertake rigorous research to inform decision-making, shaping planning policy and evidence base documents.

  • Drafting Planning Policies and Supporting Material: We are adept at drafting planning policies, supporting text and consultation documents.

  • Collating and Analysing Consultation Representations: We facilitate a streamlined consultation process, efficiently collating and analysing feedback, and reporting consultation outcomes.

  • Independent Examination: We provide extensive support through the Local Plan Examination process, including targeted advice, producing examination statements and project management.

  • Representation and Engagement: We are experienced at representing Councils at Independent Examinations, organising and holding consultation events and leading stakeholder meetings.

  • Preparing for Local Plan Implementation: Our forward-thinking approach extends beyond the production of the Local Plan itself, encompassing service improvement measures to prepare for Local Plan implementation.


DAC Planning takes pride in its ability to contribute invaluable expertise and bolster capacities essential for production of Local Plans and evidence base documents.

Contact us at or call 01206 259281 to find out how we can help.

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