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Basildon Borough Council
Infrastructure Delivery Plan

DAC Planning were commissioned by Basildon Borough Council in 2021 to update the 2018 Infrastructure Delivery Plan, taking into account modifications being made to the submitted Local Plan.


Comprehensive Review

We first completed a comprehensive review of previous version of the Infrastructure Delivery Plan, followed by an assessment of the emerging Local Plan modifications.

Stakeholder Engagement

We carried out stakeholder engagement to assess infrastructure needs and identify potential funding and delivery options. We also worked closely with viability consultants to inform ongoing updates to the Local Plan Viability Assessment.

Baseline Assessment

We produced a baseline assessment of existing information within the Local Plan evidence base, a review of current known infrastructure needs in the area, and an assessment of future infrastructure needs as a result of growth proposed in the Local Plan and associated emerging modifications.

IDP Finalisation

We identified infrastructure needs through stakeholder engagement and estimated costs for future infrastructure.


We produced an Infrastructure Delivery Plan for Basildon Borough Council.

"DAC Planning has always met our challenging timescales using their experience, excellent team working and through proactive engagement, building in the necessary flexibility as well."

Basildon Borough Council

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