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Castle Point
Infrastructure Delivery Plan

We were commissioned by Castle Point Borough Council in 2018 to help progress their draft Local Plan and associated evidence base documents. 


Infrastructure Delivery Plan

We worked with the Council to produce the Castle Point Borough Infrastructure Delivery Plan.

Local Plan Examination Support

We provided support for the examination of the Local Plan in May and June 2021 regarding infrastructure delivery and the delivery of strategic site allocations in the Local Plan.

Transport Assessment and Viability Assessment

On behalf of the Council, we also managed the production of the Transport Assessment and the Viability Assessment for the Local Plan. 

Community Infrastructure Levy

We supported the Council in producing a Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule and are currently working with the Council to implement CIL.


We continue to work with Castle Point Borough Council on the implementation of the Community Infrastructure Levy.

“Work was of a high standard and delivered on time. They provided excellent advice and were treated as a team member rather than arms length consultancy."

Castle Point Borough Council

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