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Essex County Council

Essex County Council commissioned DAC Planning to support local authorities in Essex to consider bringing forward the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). DAC Planning have provided this service for Brentwood, Castle Point and Harlow Councils. The support includes providing advice on implementation, producing consultation and submission material and draft charging schedules, and reviewing viability assessments and consultation representations.


Castle Point Borough Council

We supported Castle Point Borough in the progression of CIL through the consultation, submission and examination stages. We attended the Castle Point CIL Examination Hearing in October 2022 and are now working closely with the Council to implement CIL.

Harlow Council

After assistance from DAC Planning, Harlow Council determined it would not introduce CIL due to the outcomes from the viability assessment.

Brentwood Borough Council

We supported Brentwood Borough Council in progressing CIL through consultation and examination. The examination hearings were held in July 2023. We are assisting the Council with CIL implementation. The CIL Charging Schedule is set to be implemented in January 2024.


DAC Planning continues to provide support to Essex authorities in bringing forward the Community Infrastructure Levy.

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