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Lewes and Eastbourne CIL

DAC Planning provided dedicated Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) support to Lewes and Eastbourne Councils. DAC Planning provided weekly support to the CIL and S106 Team to provide additional capacity and oversight to the team over a period of six months.


Project Management

We oversaw the workstreams of the CIL Team and provided advice and guidance in response to technical CIL questions. We also provided training to officers.​

Infrastructure Funding Statement and Subsidy Control Act

We managed the preparation of the Infrastructure Funding Statement in consultation with key infrastructure delivery partners within the Council and externally.

We produced a clear framework for the assessment of CIL spending bids against the Subsidy Control Act.

CIL Processes

We reviewed and updated CIL processes to ensure they were undertaken in accordance with statutory requirements, including the issuing and monitoring of Liability Notices in Exacom and developing processes in response to the impact of the Subsidy Control Act on CIL processes. This ensured that Liability Notices were issued correctly and in accordance with statutory requirements.

We also coordinated and monitored queries relating to the CIL charging processes.


Through our support, we established a well-managed programme of team systems and responsibilities for CIL and S106 duties including efficient and effective response to CIL queries, early review of CIL liable applications in Uniform, social media communications and liaison with legal specialists where required.

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