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Mendip Local Plan Part 2 Limited Update

DAC Planning was commissioned in 2024 to provide additional capacity and critical friend support to Somerset Council for the production of the Mendip Local Plan Part II Limited Update. 


The Council sought support at key stages of the local plan and site selection process to ensure their robustness.

The former Mendip District Council area is covered by Local Plans Part 1 and 2. Following a judicial review, policies in Part 2 were remitted. The judge found that reasonable alternatives to the allocation of the additional 505 dwellings in the north-east of the District were not considered. 

DAC Planning is providing support to the Council as it works to meet tight timescales set by the Court Order. Advice provided includes a critical review of the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report and site selection process, advice on the approach to Regulation 18 consultation representation processing, and advising the Council on seeking legal advice and advice from PINS.

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