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PAS Neighbourhood Planning Research

The Planning Advisory Service (PAS) and the Local Government Association (LGA) commissioned DAC Planning to research the interactions between Local Plan updates and neighbourhood plans in light of changes introduced in the National Planning Policy Framework (2019).

We researched the following themes through interviews and questionnaires with twenty local planning authorities across England:

  • The impacts of Local Plan production on neighbourhood planning

  • Local planning authority support for neighbourhood planning

  • Site allocations in neighbourhood plans


The report Researching the interactions between local plan making and neighbourhood plans produced by DAC Planning was published in 2021.

The report identifies further ways in which the LGA may be able to support local planning authorities in the future in effectively enabling the progression of neighbourhood plans alongside work on Local Plans.


This helps to identify where there may be a need for further research or the production of best practice to support plan-making within the sector.


The report sets out eight recommendations for local planning authorities to support neighbourhood planning groups:

Invest in dedicated support

Produce streamlined and effective neighbourhood plans

Help neighbourhood planning groups meet local housing need

Support neighbourhood planning groups in updating their plans

Promote collaborative working

Support neighbourhood planning groups in the shift to a digital planning system

Exchange best practice regionally

Hold workshops during the local plan making process with neighbourhood planning groups

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