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Allocating Sites in a Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood plans can include site allocations for future development. Site allocations encompass various types of development, including housing, employment opportunities, and community facilities.


To begin this process, it is helpful to engage in discussions with the local planning authority. They can provide insights into existing site allocations outlined in the relevant Local Plan. Ensuring coordination between the Local Plan and neighbourhood plan is vital to maintain compatibility and distinctiveness in site allocations.

Furthermore, engaging with local developers and landowners is essential. They can offer valuable input, raise pertinent issues, and identify suitable sites for development within the plan's timeframe.

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Process and evidence

Incorporating site allocations may trigger the need for a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) or a Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA). Your local authority will review the emerging neighbourhood plan to determine if these assessments are necessary.

When allocating sites, transparency and a robust methodology are essential. Clear criteria should be established to assess potential sites, considering factors such as access, landscape quality, environmental constraints, and proximity to essential amenities.

Seeking support from planning consultants can streamline the assessment process. Additionally, neighbourhood plan groups can utilise resources like Housing Needs Assessments and Site Options Assessments offered by Locality.

It is crucial that site allocations are backed by sufficient evidence. Sources such as the Strategic Housing Market Assessment and Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment provide valuable data to inform these decisions.

Navigating site allocations requires careful consideration, collaboration with local stakeholders, and robust methodologies. Allocating sites for new development in a neighbourhood plan is an opportunity to shape the future of a local community.


How we can help

DAC Planning provides specialist neighbourhood planning support.

For a discussion on how we can assist you, please get in touch with the team: / 01206 259281

This information is for general informative purposes only. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, DAC Planning accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from its use.

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