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Meet the Team: Tim Parton MRTPI

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Tim Parton works remotely for DAC Planning from Bedfordshire where he enjoys an active lifestyle with his family. He started his DAC career from Australia in 2017. Tim leads on our Infrastructure Delivery Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy projects and neighbourhood planning projects.

What is your current title and role at DAC Planning?

I am an Associate Director. I manage the progression and delivery of a wide range of projects, including the production of local plans and evidence base documents such as infrastructure delivery plans. I provide critical friend support to local authorities, and I lead our neighbourhood planning services.

Why did you join DAC Planning?

Joining DAC Planning provided me with the opportunity to continue working with David, to gain experience in working in the private sector whilst also continuing to work with local planning authorities on the production of local plans, and to continue working with local communities through neighbourhood planning.

Which profession did you want to enter as a child?

I wanted to be a musician, footballer, and a professional wrestler.

How did you enter town planning?

When my big break in the WWE failed to materialise, I started working in the reception of the planning department at South Staffs Council, and saw first hand how interesting town planning was.

What do you find most rewarding about the profession of town planner?

Being able to make a positive difference to the built environment and people’s quality of life.

What is the most challenging aspect of the profession?

Finishing a Local Plan.

Describe town planning in three words.

Essential, engaging, complex.

Describe your favourite project so far at DAC Planning?

The Planning Advisory Service Local Plan project management support to local planning authorities, where we (hopefully) are helping planners across the country to progress the production of local plans in a more effective way.

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What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Watching Wolverhampton Wanderers preferably win, running, walking, mountain biking, kayaking, gardening, cooking, building stuff in my garage, playing board games, annoying the kids.

Are you a coffee or tea person, or neither?

Tea, then coffee, then more coffee, then tea, and then beer.

What’s your favourite book or movie?

Movie = Back to the Future Part I.

Book = Mr Bump

What's the most interesting place you've ever visited?

New Zealand - all of it.

What's a skill you've always wanted to learn?

Lawn green bowls, magic, playing the drums.


DAC Planning provides specialist local plan support and advice.

For a discussion on how we can assist you, please get in touch with the team: / 01206 259281.

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