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Member Training

DAC Planning Member Training

With local elections just around the corner, we understand the pressure of training new Members. This is particularly challenging for authorities pushing ahead on a tight timetable in order to submit their Local Plan by June 2025.

Our Member training sessions are ideal for new Members of the Council or those looking for a refresh. The training covers an introduction to planning and the planning system, a comprehensive guide to the planning application process and best practice recommendations for good decision-making.

DAC Planning delivers training from highly experienced planning professionals from local authority backgrounds. Our planners have worked with Local Plan teams across the country and have an extensive understanding of plan-making. We provide a bespoke training service to meet client needs and learning objectives.

Our training is tailored to your needs, and can be held online or in person. We hold sessions with individuals, small groups or large teams.

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Learning Outcomes

By completing the training, Members of the Council will:

  1. Gain a clearer understanding of the planning system (what planning is; sustainable development; national, legislative and regulatory framework)

  2. Explore the components and significance of development plans (Local Plans; neighbourhood plans; evidence base documents)

  3. Become familiar with the stages of the decision-making process for planning applications (the process of planning applications from pre-application to post-decision)

  4. Obtain an understanding of the role of Members in the decision-making process for planning applications (the assessment and determination of planning applications against policies, strategies and material considerations)

  5. Acquire knowledge of good decision-making for planning applications and critically evaluate the implications of planning decisions on communities, the environment and sustainable development.

We offer these training sessions online or in person, at an agreed venue. We are a member of the CPD Certification Service. Our courses meet global CPD standards.

Self-Guided Online Course

We are launching a self-guided online course for Members soon. This will provide a highly flexible and cost-effective training solution that can be combined with a follow-up online workshop from our expert team.

The training was clear...the case studies and discussion were very engaging

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Register Your Interest

Interested in our Member training offer? Register your interest for a training session here and we will get back to you.

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