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Planning Advisory Service

DAC Planning has been providing local plan support to local authorities nationally on behalf of PAS (part of the Local Government Association) and the Department for Levelling-Up, Communities and Local Government since 2019. 


Local Plan Route Mapper

In 2019 DAC Planning and partners produced the Local Plan Route Mapper and Toolkit to provide free best practice guidance to support local plan production nationally.  The Route Mapper was updated in 2021 to reflect changes to the NPPF.

Gateway Reviews

In 2021 DAC Planning and partners provided Gateway Reviews to over 60 local authorities nationally.  The Gateway Reviews provided an independent assessment of the risks and opportunities that authorities were facing in getting up-to-date local plans in place.

Project Management Support

In 2022 and 2023 DAC Planning and partners have provided support and advice in relation to the project management of local plans to local authorities nationally.  The support has enabled more effective project management approaches to be put in place to secure the timely production of robust local plans.


Our work has included the production of best practice guidance to support local authorities with efficient and robust plan-making nationally.  Since 2019 we have provided direct plan-making support to over 80 local authorities across the country on behalf of PAS.  We have produced best practice templates to help local authorities incorporate improved project management practices into their plan making.

"The present challenges facing plan making councils are vast and DAC Planning use all of their experience to provide thoughtful, considered advice and share good practice and innovative ideas to help councils understand their options and to become more efficient at producing local plans."

Planning Advisory Service

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